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Conflict @ Workplace

Conflicts at the workplace is a reality that we all need to deal with. For a lot of us, the conflict at the workplace can be nerve racking. That’s because our place of work is a means of livelihood. While conflict affects both entrepreneurs & employees, later are generally at peril in conflicts. In my experience, I have experienced many different conflicts between fellow team members, manager subordinates, leaders across departments etc. I mention the reason for such conflicts. I hope it helps someone to be aware and resolve. Efficiency Each one of us is different. Our aspirations, goals and hence perceptions of work is different. Work may be “everything” to one person, while it is “necessary evil” to another, and just one aspect of life to some other. This can bring conflict between people, because some push themselves to achieve more, while some want to “get-by”. The key is to understand the personalities and deal accordingly. A lack of such understanding, and passing judgements,