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Conflict @ Workplace

Conflicts at the workplace is a reality that we all need to deal with. For a lot of us, the conflict at the workplace can be nerve racking. That’s because our place of work is a means of livelihood. While conflict affects both entrepreneurs & employees, later are generally at peril in conflicts. In my experience, I have experienced many different conflicts between fellow team members, manager subordinates, leaders across departments etc. I mention the reason for such conflicts. I hope it helps someone to be aware and resolve. Efficiency Each one of us is different. Our aspirations, goals and hence perceptions of work is different. Work may be “everything” to one person, while it is “necessary evil” to another, and just one aspect of life to some other. This can bring conflict between people, because some push themselves to achieve more, while some want to “get-by”. The key is to understand the personalities and deal accordingly. A lack of such understanding, and passing judgements,

Job seekers Insight: Technology, Geography & Stability

I regularly come across software job seekers trying to figure out a career destination for themselves. The important factors they will like to understand are Destinations with most job opportunities Technology with potential job opportunity numbers Technology landscape for a preferred place of stay The data like this is not available handy, though the Job boards has the right data to come up with such analytics. In the meantime, I made an effort to get these answers. For a year, I looked at top job boards. Following is my insight. Of course, the ground realities could be different. It's a sampling exercise, and does not include all the data. Nevertheless, it gives some clue. I divided my insight on 3 important criterias, i.e. Geography, Technology and Top Companies.  Technology Contrary to some newspapers & blogs, I found Java to be still a frontrunner in providing maximum job opportunities. Java gives 2 times more opportunities than a distant second placed Python. So, if earni

For Job seekers, What startups are. And what they are not.

India has seen a number of startups in this decade. There are extremely successful ones like Flipkart, Swiggy, Paytm etc. There are absolute failures like TinyOwl, Peppertap, MonkeyBox etc. . And then there are sustaining ones like ShopClues, Snapdeal etc. And then, there are hordes of unknown ones, trying to find their feet. All of aforesaid were trying to find their feet at some point. Some of these startups made millionaires of their early employees, while others pushed them to face uncertainties. I have been working with startups for almost 14 years in my 2 decade career. More than 7 years of those are spent in early stage startups. I was among the first 10 employees in 6 startups. I have built engineering teams in 3 early stage startups. Having seen sufficient, I categorise important criteria of job, and see it vis-a-vis startups Stability It’s an important criteria for most, if not all. The stability is defined as the state, if you do what you do, and do it well, you do not ne

MariaDB "Access Denied" on MacOS

If you faced Access Denied while logging to MySQL prompt, Read on. The issue came after I installed MariaDB on my Mac (Pro, Catalina) using instructions from mysql -u root -p   was repeatedly giving Access Denied. I tried using blank, laptop password . I also tried by supplying installation user to no avail. Finally, I was able to solve it by going to System Preferences. I could see a MySQL icon. I went into MySQL, and navigated to Initialize Database. Entered a password of my choice, and Restarted the DB. Tried mysql -u root -p , and use password given in last step. It works now.