ND Developers, My Nemesis and Others's Too

I bought a flat in ND Passion from ND Developers in 2013. At the time, I was comparing projects from DSR & Purva in the vicinity. As ND isn't a known name, I tried looking for reviews, and don't remember to find anything negative.

In the hindsight, it was a huge mistake. The very flat due to be delivered in next 3 months, took another 2 years to complete. For months together, there was no progress. I gave up on it, and then realizing there is no choice, took the fight up with few fellow flat owners. For months, going to ND office, meeting MD himself, getting another false hope, only to be disappointed again.

Knowing project will never complete, and in burden of both EMIs & rental, I decided to move in. I moved in with just one working lift(service, no pax lifts), and a swimming pool. No play area, skates area, pavers not laid out, block not painted etc. etc. Even when the'handover' took place, I ran pillar to post to get pending work done as small as latch in bathroom, door polish etc. The only silver lining was ND officials(electrical head, project head etc.) were not rude. They weren't effective either.

I have been living here for a year now, and still none of the amenities except swimming pool is ready. I have been among many other families, doing with only one lift. 3 months ago, one fine day, on pretext of pending maintenance amount from few flats(excluding mine), ND stopped water. It was timely intervention by few fellow resident Samaritan, that we could handle the situation. We have taken over since then, and doing pretty well.

After all above, entered Gladstone, and they agreed to complete everything in coming months. The joy was short lived, as only a couple of things were done, and rest still incomplete. We are still reeling without amenities, fire safety, and not to mention 1 lift for entire 12 floor families. Gladstone does not seem to be interested in resolving, giving false promises, and not fulfilling. They are only complementing their partner.


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