Download Own Video from Facebook

My son recently went on stage in our Church, and spoke about Father's day. It was a proud moment for me to see him talk in front of 300 people. I captured the short speech in my handycam.

I posted it to Facebook from my home PC. At work, a friend (not on facebook) wanted me to post the video on their whatsapp. As, its my own video, I went to Facebook to download it. To my surprise, it's not possible. I can Save it, but not Download it.

However, I found following technique to do that. I am sharing it here for someone's benefit

  1. Type in your Chrome browser
  2. Go to Video post (you can go through Notifications)
  3. Play the Video
  4. While playing, Right click on the Video 
  5. Click Save video as... to save it at your preferred location in computer

I know its easier to install an extension, but I did not wanted to do that just for this one time download. I have not tested it on other browsers. 


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