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HTTP Caching

Recently, I had to design static resource Caching to be able to optimize Network traffic and User experience on Client devices. The requirement was that Client should use Cache for a given picture, if it is unchanged at the Server. Request the fresh copy of picture, if changed. As our requests are  HTTP REST API calls, we turned to it. HTTP gives multiple ways to control cache. I have explained them following, and why it didn't work for our case. no-cache instructs client to not cache the resource / response. This, of course, will not work, as Device should not request it from Server, if Available with Device and Unchanged in Server. no-store instructs client to not store the resource / response. This will not work for the same reason, as no-cache . max-age instructs client to invalidate the resource / response, after number of seconds elapsed in max-age. This will not work too, as we cannot predict the changes to resource. If-Modified-Since sent by the Client / D

Download Own Video from Facebook

My son recently went on stage in our Church, and spoke about Father's day. It was a proud moment for me to see him talk in front of 300 people. I captured the short speech in my handycam. I posted it to Facebook from my home PC. At work, a friend (not on facebook) wanted me to post the video on their whatsapp. As, its my own video, I went to Facebook to download it. To my surprise, it's not possible. I can Save it, but not Download it. However, I found following technique to do that. I am sharing it here for someone's benefit Type in your Chrome browser Go to Video post (you can go through Notifications) Play the Video While playing, Right click on the Video  Click Save video as... to save it at your preferred location in computer I know its easier to install an extension, but I did not wanted to do that just for this one time download. I have not tested it on other browsers. 

ND Developers, My Nemesis and Others's Too

I bought a flat in ND Passion from ND Developers in 2013. At the time, I was comparing projects from DSR & Purva in the vicinity. As ND isn't a known name, I tried looking for reviews, and don't remember to find anything negative. In the hindsight, it was a huge mistake. The very flat due to be delivered in next 3 months, took another 2 years to complete. For months together, there was no progress. I gave up on it, and then realizing there is no choice, took the fight up with few fellow flat owners. For months, going to ND office, meeting MD himself, getting another false hope, only to be disappointed again. Knowing project will never complete, and in burden of both EMIs & rental, I decided to move in. I moved in with just one working lift(service, no pax lifts), and a swimming pool. No play area, skates area, pavers not laid out, block not painted etc. etc. Even when the'handover' took place, I ran pillar to post to get pending work done as small as latch