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Checklist for PHP developer coding in Moonscript / LUA

If you have been a PHP developer in the past, and now wish to make a transition in moonscript / lua, you have come to the right place.  Moonscript is a translator to LUA . LUA has shown better throughput performance in comparison to PHP. Please refer to Link for further information, I managed a project in moonscript for my company. The request per second were close to 2000, and PHP wasn't able to scale up. Being familiar with PHP and Perl in the past, I did went through the transition to know the difference between both scriptings. I have already done the hard work, and wanted someone else to be benefited out of it. Hence, here are the key differences of Moonscript with respect to PHP. General No semi colons needed. No curly braces needed. Whitespace sensitive. Section of code is delimited with line breaks and indentations. No multi line comment availability, like PHP  /* */ . -- (two minus)  are used to mark a line as comment. Data Structures Array index st