Don't take Sahara of Sahara Packer

I learnt it hard way.

I had to get my Alto from Faridabad to Bangalore. Agarwal packers asked for 12k. Sahara packers quote 9k, & I can pay at the time of delivery. Amazing deal I thought, & that's where it was wrong.

I called them couple of days later to pick the car. The 9k figure became 9.5k, but 500/- wasn't much to be worried about against paying 12k to Agarwal. However, while picking the car & giving the final bill, it was 10,900/- with tax etc. The real ordeal, though, is yet to start.

My car started from Faridabad on August 14, 2009 & should be in Bangalore on August 20, 2009 (Sahara promised delivery in 6 days). Calling them on August 21 reveals that car didn't start from Faridabad until August 17, 2009. I was surprised & dejected. Bangalore Autos ain't quite an enjoyable travel. I need my car. My countless calls thereafter of no use as its reported delayed on one pretext or the other.

Finally my car's delivery reported on around August 28. I am told there is no petrol in car (though car had 25 litres before starting from Faridabad). FWIW, Agarwal asks only 15 litres. I give an angry call to Mr. Rajesh (Sahara guy in Delhi), & he advised me to not make any payment for petrol. Jitesh (Sahara guy in Bangalore) is the most cheapest person I came across. He refuses to comply with Rajesh & stops attending my calls.

Sahara driver arrives with car. The car has a layer of dust all over the car. I check trip meter, its showing 958 kms. When I refuses any petrol payment to driver, he is ready to put up a fight. Call to Mr. Jitesh is met with abrupt disconnection. A call to Mr. Rajesh comes to rescue though.

I made a mistake of hiring Sahara despite one bad experience earlier with them. I will not make this mistake again. My experience with Agarwal Packers & Associated Packers have been far better. I, for sure, will not be taking Sahara's sahara again.


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