AWS RDS incompatible-parameters solved

Recently, I rebooted one of my RDS (Mysql) instance, as it was hanging every now and then.

What should have been a breeze, became stormy. Instance rebooted, and picked wrong Parameter Group. The parameters, understandably, were not set with this instance in mind. The instance went in incompatible-parameters Status (i.e. DB Instance Status).

I figured the issue, and tried to change the right parameter group. BUT, because instance is in incompatible-parameters Status, the change will not be allowed. I tried looking with our friend Google on how to get my instance in Available status again, only to find that people already are in distress, from as long as 2010. There have been no plausible and easy solution to do this. Refer following


BTW, I cannot change my Parameters Group values, as that Group is being used in a other RDS instance, and I need that. I just wanted a different Parameter Group.

Knowing that I am on my own, I did following, and was successful

  1. Instance Actions => Reboot 
  2. Instance comes in Available status (guess it remains there for a while, before going in incompatible-parameter Status)
  3. While it is in 2, Instance Actions => Modify 
  4. Change Parameter Group to the desired one (Pick Apply Immediately) 
  5. Parameter Group will show (pending-reboot)
  6. Instance Actions => Reboot 

Instance works again!! Best of luck


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